Throughout my life, my training and development as a luthier has been based in my own experience playing guitar. My own interaction with sound opened my eyes and it is this connection between materials, manufacturing techniques and sound which brings me into direct contact with the world of music. And I am excited, with every new instrument I make, to be creating a part of this magical world.

The quality of my instruments and the search for a perfect tone are the essential parts of my work. I am strongly inspired by old masters like Antonio de Torres, Manuel Ramirez, Pedro Perez, Santos Hernandez and modern makers like Daniel Friederich, Robert Ruck, Gregory Byers and Matthias Dammann. They helped me finding my way to my personal guitar concept.
Since 2007 I use exclusively the "double top" technique. With the help of this construction method I can reach the tone I am looking for.
The guitars I make are more than just instruments for me. They express my respect for tradition, craftsmanship and music.


I was born in a small village in East Germany in 1981. I grew up in a peaceful rural environment. At the age of 16 I discovered my passion for the guitar. Lacking professional training, I have learned by teaching myself and mostly play for my own pleasure. Nonetheless, it is a vitally important part of my life. After my "Abitur" and civil service I took some years off traveling to several countries.

In 2003 I made my decision to begin to study lutherie. I had the chance to work with Hermann Graefe in Lenderhausen, Germany for one year. From him I received a lot of basic knowledge of the craft and I had my first contact with interesting guitars from luthiers like Daniel Friederich and Richard Jakob Weissgerber.

I continued my study in the University of Applied Science in Markneukirchen. In 2007 I took a trip across North America, visiting luthiers along the way. I had a chance to work for a while with well known luthier Gregory Byers in California. This trip has proven to be very influential in my development.
After finishing my studies at the university I worked for Achim Peter Gropius in Reutlingen and learned a lot about repair and restoration of guitars. From 2009 to 2012  I lived and worked in the south of France. Since 2013 I live with my family in Leipzig, Germany.